H2Observe™ - Watch Your Water™  
  Why Monitor Your Water?

  • As the world's population and global development grow over time, more and more contaminates in your water are being identified as potentially harmful substances.
  • Seasonal weather patterns, unique geographical conditions, industrial processes and even pharmaceutical agents have all been found to impact the water you consume.
  • The expense of partial solutions, such as filters and bottled water could be reduced or eliminated altogether if you had real information about your water thus providing you with peace of mind and more money in your pocket.


The H2Observer
The H2Observer™

The H2Observerworks continuously to provide a level of water safety that has simply not been available to most consumers, until now. Today, you can begin keeping your family safer by helping to ensure your water is being continuously monitored for hundreds of combinations of potentially harmful contaminants such as Lead, Arsenic, Nitrates, Fertilizers and many more.

Wholesale Clients
Wholesale Clients

Your retail outlets can proudly offer this green and inventive brand, while establishing a whole category of product and service. H2Observe™ is the first and only company to offer a whole-house water monitoring and notification solution. With a price point acceptable to a large majority of customers, the H2observer™ is a perfect complement to your product mix. So mix it up by clicking More.